Where to Reach Us

For a personal invitation to attend The VC Roundtable, or to find out more about attending, presenting, becoming a member, or a partner of The VC Roundtable please contact:

Terry W. Moore
Chairman & Founder
The VC Roundtable
P.O. Box 232731
Leucadia CA 92023
Direct: (760) 809-4791
Fax: (760) 942-8168
Email: terry@thevcroundtable.com

For Entrepreneurs and Ventures seeking Financing

Please email the Executive Summary of your Business Plan, and include your contact information for our follow up, to: funding@thevcroundtable.com

Speaker's Bureau

Are you are interested in venture capitalists as keynote speakers, presenters, moderators, or panelists at your event(s)--Please contact The VC Roundtable and ask about our Speaker's Bureau.